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We make music for film and media.

Created by Jay Wilder and Dan Lotito, Aquahen Music is a dedicated, music content studio for media and film. Our specialty is creating original compositions that feature strong themes, creative harmonic development, and warm recordings of real instruments, players, and performances.  Our goal is to help bring out the indelible character of your visual storytelling with great musical accompaniment.

How we do it.

Every composition is crafted with a methodical (and sometimes, maniacal) ear for detail.  Once the character of the piece is established, it's recorded and made available. You can use Aquahen pieces as they were recorded, have any piece remixed or customized to fit your project, or ask for something totally new and unique.   

Get in touch.

Hear anything you like, or want to talk about working together? We’re always up for a chat.


Send an email to Jay and Dan at:

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